Monday, January 4, 2010

2 Months into SA living!!

Hey guys!
Ahh, im awful for not writing for so long. Excuse my rudeness. I guess i have just been having too much of a good time out here.
So, I dont even know where to start. Let me start by saying HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Hope you all had a great one. Mine was fab. I am currently staying at my cousin Natalies house and she was away so I had some friends over, we drank and ate then went to another friends house where i did 4 shots in a row after drinking wine and was smashed. Ended up in his swimming pool in my knickers!! And then into an inflatable orange boat in his pool, fag in one hand and a bottle in the other! Oh Dear!
As for Christmas, well, that was very different. While you all in London enjoyed a white xmas, I was sitting by the pool. Christmas is not big here like at home. No decorations on houses or anything. Maybe a few in the streets and trees in restaurants. Was weird not being woken up at 7am by my sister wanting to open presents. Instead I woke up at 12 and went to sunbathe all day. At least i got brown while yall at home are pasty :-)

So, while here, ive been clubbing to places like Latinova, Taboo, FTV and Risque. The first 3 are pretty much like London clubs, everyone tries a bit too hard and a bit poncy but was fun and drunken each time. As for Risque, It is a gay club and everytime I have been there i have had the best fun. My funniest time at Risque was when I went with my cousin Shimon, Jean, STephen, Maor and some of their friends. Shimon told this one guy who was such a dweeb that I was from Israel. I was talking to him with an accent and decided to really terrorise him so i told him that I was a man now turned woman. I told him that i had a shlong but now have a VAJAYJAY!! We have all never laughed so much we were on the floor. To some of the guys, Vajayjay has stuck and that is one of my niknames here.Most of the people im with here are gay.
So, ill tell you a bit about them all.
First off, ill start with Daniel De Nobrega.. my future hubby.. who i will turn straight! He officially is one of the sweetest and funniest guys i have ever met. A true darling and someone who will stay very special to me forever..
Next is Blake.. girls, you will cry at the fact he is gay cos he is sooo bloody GORGEOUS. He has honey coloured eyes like Edward Cullen, but he hates minge so no luck for any of us ;-) he is also soooo divine and along with Daniel, im gonna miss him too much. But we agreed to have children together haha.
My special twins, Daniel And Roger, both gorgeous and funny. They are obsessed with their hubbly (shisha/nargilla) and they take it anywhere they go, to a house, club, bar..anywhere.. they also are sooo lovely.
Marcy is my little doll..he is so sweet but lately he thinks i have been very bitchy. he puts it down to the fact i have carried on my pill for 2 months and says im emotionless haha. its actually his birthday as im writing so HAPPY 20th BDAY!!
So everytime im with this lot i have such a giggle.

I have also been hanging out loads with my cousin Anat who i get on great with. When Natalie went away, Anat came to babysit me with out friend Sotiri.. Now Sotiri is another one who im gonna miss lots (he is straight girls). My shungagnunga. He is gorgeous inside and out!

So what else have i been doing...

How do i explain sun city!? AMAZING. As my cousins own the clothing stores Cameroon, they were invited to the Miss South Africa 2009 pageant as they sponsored clothes. So i went along. We stayed in the palace hotel which is absolutely gorgeous. Its massive. Our first day there we unpacked and went to the pool. We sat down at 11am and of course, ordered strawberry daquris. My ultimate FAVE!
Behind the Palace hotel there is a water park so Sotiri and I went there. We took the back route through the forest up and down rocks and i was wearing a long dress!
We first went on a ride called "The Tower Of Courage!" Now this slide killed me. It is a straight drop down and you have to cross your legs in order not to get a wedgy on your way down. I get on, cross my legs and then the lifeguard is talking to me about my tattoo so i forgot to re cross my legs so i went dow with legs wide open!
I got to the bottom and never in my life have i felt pain up my bum as such! My bikini bottoms were sucked up there with a whole load of water. AGONY!!
The next slide we went on was in pitch black. We called it the washing machine because you go in, your gettin pushed around and its dark. I was so scared inside it, i shut my eyes! Then i realised it was already dark! Fell into the water at the bottom and once again, recieved a wedgey. Sotiri and I then went to the wave pool. This was awesome. It was like a beach and all of a sudden these waves come at you and you start swimming away.
The next day was the pageant. It was stunning. I was so happy that Nicole Flint won. She is beautiful inside and out. Such a stunning girl. I had a few issues after the show as i passed out due to my low blood pressure problems and i had to leave the party. I was taken out on a stretcher and had my blood taken. It was not a nice experience. My favourite thing about Sun City was seeing Babboons walk straight past me!

My cousin Shimon and his partner Jean recently had a pool party. It was such a stunning day. The weather was beautiful, we had lots of food and alcohol and great company. I had my cousins there, my favourite gays and everyone else. We partied from 11am till about 10pm! Was an awesome day.. Shimon knows how to thrown a great party. He even hired a DJ so we had great music pumping the whole day.

A few days after the pool party, Shimons friend Dragan arrived from Germany. Shimon took us along with my little cousin, his neice, Talia, to the LIon and Rhino park. This was incredible. Its a safari. So we were driving through and we see a massive male lion lying in the road with 3 females next to him. He didnt even move when the car was right up alongside him. WE saw Lions, Cheetahs, Wild Dogs, Rhinos, Zebras, Springbok and many more. We then went to the creche area where we got to play with and hold the baby lion cubs. Never in my life have i experienced such a great thing. I held a lion in my arms! They were beautiful i wanted to take one home!

My cousin Natalie always introduces me to people and says this is my cousin from London. It then got to the point "London" was being used so much, she started calling me London. Now, im known as London. Im not introduced as Ilana, im introduced as London. Its stuck!

Im going to Cape Town on Wednesday. Im so excited. Ill be staying with my Friend Josh who i went to school with. Cant wait to see him and see CT!
I get back from Cape town On the Monday then a week later i come back home to London!

So, I think thats enough for yall to read to keep you company! So sorry for not writing earlier.
Hope you enjoy and ill write again after Cape Town.

Love you all

Love Little Miss V..xx

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Zipcar for the holidays

Visiting family over the holidays is very important for us, and has proven to be one of the main difficulties of not having a car.  Originally, when planning our car-free adventure/life, we'd calculated spending a certain amount on car rentals for trips to Connecticut to visit family--usually we can rent a car for $30-$40/day from the airport over a weekend.  However, as we discovered at Thanksgiving, car rental companies will triple their daily rate over holiday weekends.  So our little three day trip at Thanksgiving cost more than $350 just for rental, plus we had to pay for gas.  It was worth it, but more than we'd expected (by a lot).

Over Christmas, we made another three-day trip to CT, but this time we used Zipcar.  It turns out that you can rent a Zipcar for a maximum of four days.  The daily rate does not change over the holidays.  We rented a Honda Element for $89/day, which is a little less than what we'd have paid from Thrifty or the other big car rental agencies, but all the taxes and gas were included, so we came out about $100 ahead.  And I didn't have to schlep myself over the the airport and back.  Over Thanksgiving, it took me 90 minutes just to pick up the car.  With Zipcar, I just needed to walk 5-10 minutes from home.

There are some cheaper car rental places around, very small companies, but the online reviews of them are pretty scary.  If anyone in the Boston area knows of reputable ones, I'd be interested in hearing about them.  For now, though, it looks like Zipcar will help us out over the holidays.