Friday, September 24, 2010

RIP Big Brother..

Hey Dolls,

How are we all? I hope keeping well. I am currently so tired. Sitting on my bed listening to the GLEE soundtrack whilst writing!

Last night I went to the Big Brother final wrap party which was a big party at Embassy nightclub in London for fans of Big Brother who could buy tickets and ALL BB housemates EVER.. Well, this was clearly not the case due to major lack of housemates. It was more of a BB11 party with Shabby, Corin, Jo, JJ, Govan, Andrew, Mario, Nathan, Sam Pepper and Sunshine in attendance. Others there were Greek Gerry, Katreya, Lad Sov, Victor, Nasty Nick, Jade Goodys mum, Angel, Bex, Darnell, Hira, Beinazir, Rex, Alex (Remember I told you! ye, her) and a few other randoms. Big brother was on for ten years. Where was PJ? Or Spencer. I would have loved to have seen Helen or even Bubble. I was sad that Chantelle and Preston were not there, or Nikki and Brian. Even DJ Talent was there and he wasn't even a housemate, just an attention seeking fame idiot!

So, I guess you all want to hear some gossip from the party right? Ok, here we go!

The biggest shock I got, was Corin and JJ having a good ol snog. I think JJ is a really nice guy, as for Corin, I am not so keen. She was a drunken mess last night and I overheard her being a bit rude towards some girls. All they wanted was a picture.

I have to say I love Gerry. He is like the big friendly Greek giant. He wears some odd clothing but I don't think he cares. I do think he cared about a certain young boy that was there though! Andrew is too cute. He seems like such a gentleman and is loving all the female attention he is getting. I didn't see much of Shabby, I heard she was swearing at the paparazzi most of the night.

I absolutely adore Nathan. He is such a funny guy and really down to earth. He says what he feels and thats fine. He is so sweet as well, he brought his Aunt along with him to the party. I went up with my friend Mel and we picked up my darling friend Govan and his friend Roma, who was absolutely divine, from St Pancras station. In towe with him also was Sunshine. From the minute she got in my car she was moaning. If you don't like it love, get a taxi! From then on, she was miserable all nigh. Apparently Corin had a go at her because she accidentally spilt drink on her and then Sam Pepper was shouting at her. I get the feeling Sunshine is not really liked by many of the housemates and she seems like a bit of an outcast. Like I said last time, I love Victor, he is lovely and always happy to take pictures with his adoring fans!

Talking of fans, flippin heck! It is mad how many people are obsessed with these Big brother stars. At the end of the day, they are only normal people but ones that were watched by millions on a reality show. I was sat in the VIP section with Govan, Mel and Roma. To get into VIP you needed to have a wristband (which were given out by Billi Bhatti - who to be honest loves himself and left his cards all around the club.) Whilst sitting having a drink, these adoring fans were all pushing past trying to get pictures and trying to climb over the barrier seperating the VIP area from the dancefloor. It got so mad, the bouncer got annoyed and I think he gave up.

Lady Sov and Sam Pepper looked very close but apparently they have become good friends. I think I would rather befriend a donkey on steroids. Sam is not my cup of tea. He was nice when I originally met him at a charity event but now he has got a bit big for his boots and thinks the world of himself.

The best part of my night was dancing with my friend Mel and a group of gay guys. We were all singing and dancing hard! Was great. Oh, another great part was seeing Leigh Francis. I was shocked to actually see somebody "famous." I shouted "ehhhhh Keith Lemon you legend" in his face! He actually laughed and did not care.

To be honest, you are probably thinking, "is that it?" Well, yes. Not much really happened. I am happy I went because I had fun and met some nice people and got to party with Govan and Mel. As for Big Brother housemates, thats it. They will now go back to their normal lives as will we! I will miss Big brother being on TV because I love watching it. Apparently Channel 5 are trying to buy it, and if they do, I will deffiantely audition!

For now dolls, that is it. Have a great weekend to you all. I am going to be partying tomorrow night at China White for a friends birthday. We have a table and a lot of free vodka.. Don't mind that.

Lotsa love...

Little Miss V..x

Monday, September 20, 2010

Prostitute Central!

Hey dolls,

How are we? Good weekend I hope!

Today's blog is a bit different. Hope you all don't mind!

So, the biggest thing on the news and in all the papers lately are about prostitutes. First we find that Peter Crouch has cheated on his STUNNING girlfriend Abbey Clancy by sleeping with a hooker. So not only did he cheat on his girlfriend and sleep with some one else, he had to pay for it. How desperate do you have to be?

Two weeks later, Wayne Rooney sends his wife Coleen a text message warning her about a story coming out. The story being him cheating on her whilst she was pregnant with his baby. Not only did he cheat once, but he paid a hooker and her best friend for sex.

What happened to the days we picked up a newspaper to read about the actual football headlines? All we get now is the footballers in a club fight, their club bill or their infidelity!

What goes through these idiots heads? They have more money than sense! They have the most amazing and gorgeous women at home, yet they go and pay for sex. It is disgusting. The worst thing is that these women take them back. Abbey Clancey is now pregnant with Peter Crouchs baby and could not be happier! Darling, reality check, your baby may be chlamydia infested!

The latest prostitute on the scene is 19 year old Chloe Victoria (hooker name Candy). Chloe appeared on the X factor on Saturday looking what I can describe as only "A mess!" She had hair extensions even Chantelle Houghton would have been disgusted of four years ago! Her cropped over bra top did not cover her bra, she drew on two beauty spots and had stained hands from her fake tan. I feel embarrased for her! It came out in the news that she was a prostitute. Simon Cowell was informed and warned that she should not be in the competition. Simon's reply "That is exactly why she should be in the competition, for a chance!"
I do completely agree with Simon on that. So, he puts her through to bootcamp where she is put up in the bootcamp hotel and what does she do? She leaves her room in the middle of the night to tout for sex. Is she mad? She has been given the chance of a lifetime, to make her life better for herself and her baby and she goes back to her old ways! Simon Cowell had no other choice but to throw her out the competition and rightly so!

Now, Chloe is in even more trouble as her ex boyfriend and baby daddy who is 21, is filing for full custody of their baby. Once he presented her with court files, she fled with the baby!

Do girls not have any self respect any more? It actually disgusts me when i see all these stories! So, here is a message to all the girls out there... Respect yourself.. Once you respect yourself, everyone else will respect you!

If you have any questions or anything you want to say, leave a comment below, email me -, tweet me @IlanaVak ..

Lotsa Love..

Little Miss V..x

Friday, September 17, 2010

Right Dirty Muckers!!

Hey dolls,

How are we all? Well and fab i hope!

I am currently feeling so tired. Last night I attending Josie Gibson aka this years big brother winners OK! Magazine winners party! It was fab!

I went up with my sister and our darling mucker Govan (who was also on this years big brother!) Our journey started in the car listening to Keri Holson "Get my swag on" sung very loudly. Great journey up to the club. We arrived at Embassy London and got out of the car to be greeted by Nasty Nick (who is actually Nice Nick) and Victor. I absolutely love Slick Vic!
As we walked over to the club, Govan was stolen from us by two loyal fans who would not leave him alone for the duration of the evening.
We were taken inside to a room full of old and recent big brother housemates including Gerry the greek, Angel the boxer, Mario, Andrew, Corin, Bex from BB9 (without Luke) Shabby, Sam Pepper Pot, Steve and many others.
Govan then introduced me to his dear friend, Lady SOV! I have to say, I absolutely love this girl! She is so tiny and actually so sweet.

Outside the club, there was a Slushy van which provided free vodka slushes! They were delicious. This seemed to be the main hang out for the night. Whilst by the van, I met Sunshine and John James. John is a very sweet yet awkward individual where as Sunshine on the other hand is very loud and extreme. She wore a coconut bag! Not normal. I then went inside to have where I saw on the dance floor, Sunshine and Mario and they danced to Lady GaGa's Bad Romance - Sunshines FAVE!

I have to say, I do love Gerry the Greek. Yet he was not so Greek last night. He came dressed in a full Scottish outfit with a kilt. I wish I knew whether he wore anything underneath or not! Rex said he looked like "a gay version of Meatloaf."

Josie was walking around a bit unhappy as the club did not let some of her family in. Very out of order as it was her party!

I have to admit, I spent most of my time outside in the smokers section mingling and chatting with people. I guess that is what I do best.

It was a great night and I met some lovely people. Now back to work. Oh life!

Until next time Dolls!

Lotsa love..

Little Miss V..xx

Thursday, September 9, 2010

weekly tallies #11 and #12 and weekly ramblings

Okay, so I've been busy with end of summer stuff and haven't written down my logs.  Not that anyone necessarily cares, but it's a good way for me to keep track.  Numbers make me happy.  Here are the numbers for the past two weeks:

August 23-29
walking:  23.6 miles
biking:  16.4 miles
subway: 4.5 miles

This week started with three days of rain, and also Noah had a friend over to play during the days, and we didn't have a bike for him, so we rarely went anywhere by bike this week.

August 30-September 5
walking:  20 miles
biking:  40.2 miles
subway: 14 miles
car:  64  (60 by zipcar--we had to drive Saugus and beyond, 4 by cab--we bought a new vacuum cleaner in Cambridge and there was no way we were going to haul it home on the T.  The trains on Sunday were PACKED, because it was a beautiful day and 100,000 college kids just moved back to Boston last weekend, with nothing to do (no homework or exams yet)).

Now that school is back in session, my miles will continue to shift more towards walking (I put in 4 miles a day just from walking Noah to and from school and walking the dog).  Though tomorrow, I'm working a handyman gig for a friend, and that'll be a 12 mile ride (round trip), with heavy tools in tow.

Summer is officially over--car rental rates have dipped back down to normal levels.  We have to drive to Connecticut to visit family this weekend, and our two-day rental will only cost $80 (not including gas), so it's now cheaper to rent a car for excursions from the airport rather than using Zipcar.  (Too bad, because I like Zipcar better.)

Did some renovations on our bikes this week.&nbrp; The cargo racks on Tracy and my bikes were broken, and the collapsible metal baskets that attach to the racks were all busted, too.  So last night and today, I replaced the racks and baskets.  Not complex, but a lot of futzing.  I'm glad to have two baskets in the back, where before I only had one (which made me very unbalanced with gallons of OJ on just one side).  All that extra metal in the back is heavy, though--that's my excuse for going so slow, I'm hauling all those pounds of steel with me.

I also replaced my bike chain, which my new chain wear gauge told me was worn out.  The bike runs a lot better now.  (I initially misthreaded it, so it was making odd noises.  Kudos to the woman at the REI bike shop (at Landmark in the Fenway) who did NOT make me feel stupid when I took it in to figure out what was wrong.  They're my favorite bike shop (tied with Broadway Bicycle School), because they are always polite and never intimidating.  The last thing I need from a bike shop is attitude.