Monday, November 22, 2010

I'm NOT a Celeb Get me outta here!!

Hey Dolls,

Sorry I have been lacking in blogs.. I have been uber busy!

Im gonna get straight to the points in TV that everyone has been talking about!

First off, lets start with The fiX Factor.. So, last week, my one true love, Aiden Grimshaw, was booted off the show. So, X factor producers, if we thought it was a fix with TreyC leaving, what do you think we make of this one? I mean, for real?! He was one of the best singers in the show and now he is out. I hate when people say "well if you liked them, you should have voted!" I will make you aware, I did vote for Aiden actually!

During the past week, the tensions in the X factor house were high. Matt (who was best mates with Aiden) had a screaming contest with Wagner (the pirate as I like to call him) stating that he is a joke and cannot sing and should not be there. Then it emerged that Louis from One Direction also had a fight with the Pirate and told him he could not sing and it was not fair. Wagner then tried to have a sing off with Louis who told him to get lost. The arguing got so bad, Wagner was moved to a hotel in Borehamwood which is 5 minutes from where the contestants house is. In my opinion, if the producers fix it, get Wagner out. He is causing tensions between the judges and housemates and the whole of the UK is in outrage!
I have seen groups on Facebook saying vote for Wagner as it is all a fix and people want him to win just like they made groups for Rage against Music last year who recieved the Christmas no1! To the people who make these groups, BORE OFF! You are pathetic and childish. The more you vote for this Pirate, the less chance it gives a contestant who can really sing, a chance of winning.

As for this weeks X factor.. BEATLES WEEK! I love the Beatles so was really happy and excited to be hearing their music. Matt, once again performed incredibly. I was dissappointed in Rebecca to be honest as her song was so predictable and she sounded the same as every week. I think Cher did a great performance as did One Direction. The others made me bored to be honest. I was so shocked to see Katie's new hair do. Who does she think she is, Emma Watson? Unfortunately, Katie has a face like a witch. She has a pointy chin and an annoying mouth. With a hair cut like this, it draws more attention to that horrific sight and now she looks more like Frodo! Also, whilst on the subject of Katie, all I can say is HAHA! I'm sorry but imagine waking up one day to find out that your 80 year old nan is a HOOKER! Not only has Katie been terrorised, sent death threats and had her hair chopped off, she now found out her favourite nan, nanny Vogel is a prozzie! I read the article and just laughed. Shame.

On to the results this week. Cher in the bottom two? I understand Paije being there. He was not able to reach his full potential. Had he been on American Idol, they would have notice his voice to be similar to the likes of Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder etc yet here in London, he was given the most ridiculous song choices which did nothing for him. Dannii Minogue, you lose a point love! He did well in the sing off though yet Cher was bound to stay in. Her save me song was great and she has a lot of talent and a lot to give. When Dermot asked Paije why he thought he was leaving, Paije replied "I think it is because I don't have a lot of followers!" To which the audience booed and shouted you do and one audience member shouted "Blame Louis!" Obviously for choosing the Pirate! Oh well, another one bites the dust.

So, what else have we all been watching? Yes, you guessed it. Im a celebrity. This programme makes me laugh. Mainly down to the pure face that half of them are hardly celebrities or even known. I love how Aggro Santos went in. He has had one massive tune and he is straight in there. I like him. I also LOVE Stacey Soloman. She is just too funny and cracks me up. The one person the nation cannot stop talking about is Quasimodo aka Gilian McKeith. She has a phobia of spiders and hates creepy crawlies. Hmmm, ok, so.. WHAT THE FLIPPIN HECK ARE YOU DOING IN A JUNGLE YOU NUTTER?! She has fainted three times and the latest one was last night during a LIVE showing. It was television at its best. So Linford Christie did the task and what a legend. He got 12 stars out of 13 and did that task like a trooper!
Newest news on the show is that Nigel Havers has quit. It was after he told he was going to get electrcuted in a task - which was hysterical! I like Kayla a lot. She seems really sweet and genuine and according to newspapers, she turned to play boy modelling to rebel against her strict Christian upbringing. Wow, way to rebel hey!
I was most happy when Alison came into the Jungle. She is big, loud and too funny. I think the camp will do well having her there. By the way, does anyone know who that Shaun dude is? Apparently he is a music legend but I do not know a thing about him!

Well, I think that is enough input from me but I would love to hear your thoughts and views. Please leave comments below!

Lotsa love..

Little Miss V..xx

Thursday, November 11, 2010

TOWIE & The FIX Factor!!

Hey Dolls,

How are we all? Well I hope!

Ok, let me start by saying that I am gutted that The Only Way Is Essex is not on again until Christmas! I know when I first did a blog about it, I slagged it, but I will be honest with you, it became my weekly guilty pleasure. I am going to miss hearing Harry say "shuuuuuuuupp" or Amy saying "Hi hunny, you ok babe? ok hunny!" I will also miss Sam's awful acting. I think she is very pretty though. My favourite character has to be Lauren. At first I despised her, but deep down she seems pretty cool. She acts tough and a bitch but I think it is because of being hurt by Mark, but they still love eachother. I hope they get back together.
I felt sorry for little Lucy though, she felt like a right mug! Well, Lucy, if I were you, I would feel like a mug too. It took asking Lauren about the rumours to know she was being cheated on and even after confronting Mark, he lied to her. She stood there and asked Lauren if she felt bad knowing Lucy was seeing Mark and Lauren just did not care. LOVE IT! Mark deffinately still loves Lauren and does not want her to go to Dubai.
It's a bit like the Hills gone wrong though isn't it. She told him if its over she will leave. Like in the Hills, Kristen went up to Brody and said if it is over tell me. It was over. So she said she would move away for a while to Europe. I reckon, come Christmas,Lauren will go to the airport and Mark will go there to stop her and they will all live happily ever after.
Actually, I have changed my mind on favourite character. It is Nanny Pat. Was she not just amazing?! Always ironing for Mark, bringing him pies and supporting him. So sweet.
As for Mark's sister Jessica, I think she was so pretty but her girl group LOLA are ridiculous. They do not look right together and are not great singers either.
I am happy Amy and Kirk became friends again last night. Gotta love them both. What do we think about Kirk and Lauren Pope? I hope it is for real because Kirk seems like such a sweet decent guy, and let's be honest, Popey is hot!
Oh, we can't forget Arg. How cute is he? Such a gimp! I love how he said to Mark last night "Mark, even if you don't win, don't worry about it. I still think your a winner even if you lose!" He is Mark's biggest fan and best friend. Too cute!!
I was gutted to see Kirk get so hurt in the boxing. I was offered tickets to go to the match but boxing is not my thing and I would not have been able to watch. Felt sick for kirk watching over the TV!

Ok, how about X Factor last weekend?!
I will be honest, I wanted Katie to stay over TreyC (awful spelling of the name) but it was wrongly done and unfair. Cheryl was told not to vote. Even Dermot admitted moments before it happened that the producers told him to make sure Cheryl does not vote so that Katie can stay in, even though she recieved the lowest public votes. I personally think it is all becoming a bit of a joke. I watch the X factor to watch real potential and watch the great singers like Aiden and Matt and Rebecca but we are forced to also watch people like Wagner who offends me more than off milk in my fridge! It is a joke that he is still there and is recieving votes. I just do not get it.
Matt was absolutely incredible on saturday singing "The first time I ever saw your face!" A true classic and lovely song, he made it his own and sang it beautifully. He deserved the standing O but the judges. Rebecca, what a gorgeous girl. She seems so sweet and divine and I love her voice. It reminds me of the Billy Holiday kind of singers in Jazz clubs.
Aiden has to be my favourite. I love his voice. The strange character he is, he sings with emotion and passion and he is my winner this year.
I have a lot of love for One Direction as well. They are so cute and I can see them going far. If I was a little girl, I would most deffinately have a Zain poster in my room :)

This week is Elton John week, one of my loving living legends. "I guess that's why they call it the blues" is my favourite Elton song so I hope one of them sings it. It will be an interesting week. So, until then Dolls.

I would love to hear your feedback and comments.

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Lotsa Love..

Little Miss V..xx

Thursday, November 4, 2010

WANTED: Eligible Bachelor for this lovely lady..

Hey Dolls,

Now, I know this is so different to my usual blogs but lets give it a shot!

Little Miss V is becoming a match maker!!

The above pictures are of my gorgeous friend Claudia. Claudia is bored of being single and thinks it is time to find a boyfriend, or at least a winter boyfriend, someone to snuggle with on these cold, winter nights.

Claudia is 21, a beauty therapist (she is great with her hands) and is very family oriented. She loves going out partying and has lots of friends. She has a big heart and is very caring. She loves gossip magazines but likes a good deep book as well. She likes romantic dinners and loves a good horror movie.

The kind of guy I would like to match Claudia with must be taller than her so about 5'8 and over. Preferably muscly or work out (she likes them fit) He needs to be funny and have a good sense of humour as Claudia is too a bit of a joker. He should be caring and warm, slightly sensitive but manly too. He must be employed (if you are unemployed please do not apply!) All in all, i want a nice, decent guy for my lovely girl friend.

If you think you have these qualities or know some one who does, get them to email me with a picture to and I will arrange a date!

Lotsa Love..

Little Miss V..xx

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Hairy Hairy Quite Contrary?

Hey Dolls,

How are we?

Sorry its been a while! Thats what happens when work gives you a lot of responsibilities! But I will always come back to my love, my blog!

So, earlier on today, my friend and i were discussing men (as we do all the time) and whether we like hairy guys aka natural or the barbie look of shaven. She likes clean and I like hairy. Don't get me wrong, I don't want wolf man as my boyfriend or wanna spoon with a fur rug, but I like a guy with hair. Its natural and manly!
My friend on the other hand said she likes to lie next to a guy and rub his chest and not feel anything. Well doll, unless your lying next to a twelve year old or a dolphin, your gonna feel something.

According to a new research, 85% of women prefer a hairy man. So my friend happens to be one of the 15% who likes the Ken doll feel. Saying I like a man with hair is true, but let me state that BACK, NECK and SHOULDER hair is not acceptable. Chest, nipples, arms, legs are all fine, but there comes a time in a mans life where he needs to realise that as soon as he see's a hair on his back, neck or shoulder it is down to the beauty salon for you!

I think now days, guys look in magazines and see guys like the boys from JLS with their V-Neck shirts and smooth chest, or David Beckham or certain actors looking clean and with no hair and they feel this is what women like so will copy. Well, guys, here is a note to you all, we like your hair. We like to see some hair with your unbuttoned shirt. We don't like your hairy hiney or the hair that comes above ur done upo collar, but we like your ruggy chest and facial stubble.

Winter is coming, I need to find my new rug :)Haha!

Hope you are all well. Don't forget you can contact me via twitter @IlanaVak or email me

Lotsa Love..

Little Miss V..xx