Monday, June 28, 2010

Weekly Tally #2: How I Got Around Last Week

I kept track again this week.  No T riding at all, and not as much bike or walking

So, last week, here's how I got around:

walking:  3 miles  
bike:  6.4 miles

walking: 1.5 miles
bike:  11 miles

walking:  2 miles
bike:  3.5 miles

walking: 2 miles
bike:  3.2 miles

walking:  1 miles
bike:  6 miles

walking: 2 miles

bike:  4.2 miles

walking:  3 miles 
bike:  0 miles

walking:  14.5 miles
bike:  34.3 miles
T: 0 miles
Car:  0 miles

Now that my son is out of school, my walking miles are down a bit.  And I didn't do as much by bike last week.  This week, I have a lot of work over at MIT, so I'll have more bike miles (in the heat).  And we'll be getting a Zipcar on Sunday for a beach trip.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Weekly Tally: How I Got Around Last Week

So, we've been without a car for almost a year now.  I still need to go figure out how this all worked out financially, but I've been meaning to start keeping track of how I get around from place to place over the course of a week.  Last week, I finally did it.  I might keep this up for a little while longer, just out of curiosity, though summer vacation is a lot different from the rest of the year.

So, last week, here's how I got around:

walking:  3.5 miles   (walking the dog and getting my son from school gives me 3.5-4 miles a day on foot)
bike:  7 miles

walking: 4.5 miles
bike:  6.5 miles

walking:  4 miles
bike:  6 miles

walking:  3.5 miles
bike:  6.5 miles

walking:  5 miles
bike:  9.2 miles

walking: 2 miles
T:  lots and lots of miles (I rode for about 4-5 hours, while write a play for the T Plays--a bunch of plays that take place on the T (I even wrote mine on the T)).  They open this Wednesday, produced by the Mill 6 Theatre Collaborative at the Factory Theatre in Boston.
bike:  8 miles

walking:  1 mile  (It was Father's Day, so I didn't have to walk the dog as much).
bike:  12 miles

walking:  23.5 miles
bike:  55 miles
T: 4-5 hours
Car:  0 miles

This was not a typical week for me.  Normally, I'd walk a bit more and ride my bike a lot less.  (I think I usually walk about 30 miles a week and bike about 5-10 miles, but I'm not sure.)  And I'd ride the T a little more.   But I was doing research on book at a library at Harvard and also had rehearsals and read-throughs of my T play, and I got to all of that by bike.  If we'd had a car, I would have driven for at least half of the bike miles, and maybe a few of the walking miles.

It might be worth doing this for a while, just to see how it goes.  I can definitely see that I'm getting plenty of exercise.  (No wonder I fall asleep so easily.)

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

World Cup = MEN!!

Hello darlings!
How are we all today?

It is world cup time. I personally love it. A girl who likes football, come get me boys! Our England match last week was disappointing and to be honest, I still haven't seen a great match. Even Brazil didn't play so well last night.
Any way, world cup time means pubs, bar and homes are filled with people watching the matches.

It was quite funny cos I was discussing with a friend of mine where we are going to find some new guys! For me, it seems to be my past which always comes back to me. If your a guy in my past, theres a reason your in the past and not in my present or future to be. So, I want to find new men. Now, when they say "Don't look for love, love will come to you," I think, it is true but lets be honest, i've not looked in a while and its time I did.

So where better to potentially find new men but a pub!
This Friday night, England are playing again and it just so happens to be a friend of mines birthday. What are we doing for his birthday? We are going to the pub to watch football! PERFECT! Maybe I will find a nice guy? Or will I?
Can I really find a nice, decent guy whilst watching the football in a pub?!
An interesting fact I read about.. "Guys don't lose their sex drive watching one of their passions, and the decreased number of women will only attract more attention." PERFECT!! Lots of men, not enough women, I surely must make myself look really hot?!

I guess here is where the experiment starts. I will be on the look out. Friday night could be the start of a new life for me! (I am getting myself a bit too excited!)

If I don't find a guy Friday night, ill be out partying Saturday night for another friends birthday so the hunt will continue.

Ill keep you updated darlings!
Any questions or topics you can fine me on facebook 'Ilana LaLa Vaknine' or Twitter..

Lots of love..

Little Miss V..x

Monday, June 14, 2010

Frog to Prince?!

Hello my darlings,
How are we all?
I hope you all had a lovely weekend!

So, a friend of mine said to me yesterday.. "Ilana, I always go for guys who aren't all that but feel I can change them. A lot of them are 'bad boys' as well. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't but why do I want these kinds of guys?!"

I told her clearly she is looking for her prince but is kissing the frogs 'thinking' she will find her prince. This girl in particular likes to have control over her men. She likes to be the one in control in the relationship and make her men do everything for her. As ladies, we like to nurture, we like to help and give, its in our nature. Not such a massive issue all you girls may think! She thinks she can "fix" the issues that are wrong with the men she dates. Me personally, no thank you. I have enough issues and dramas that go on with my own life, why would I want to date the types of guys my friend goes for.. basically known as.. ASSHOLES!

So girls.. if you think they are a frog forget them.. It is not your job to convert an asshole into a prince!

Never try and change someone, you have to like/love people for who they are. You can always ask a partner to TRY and give up a habit you do not like or stop something but never change them. It NEVER works. Obviously in relationships you have to sacrifice things but Never and I repeat, NEVER try to change someone, because it will just backfire at you.

I hope this has helped you all who have thought about this issue and especially my friend who came to me with the problem.

Lots of love..

Little Miss V..xx

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Sex And The City..

Hello Darlings,
How are we all today?
Last night I went with 5 of my girlfriends to see Sex and The City 2! I didnt think it was as good as the first movie but still loved it. Was very funny and I have to say, the outfits were absolutely amazing. I especially loved a pink dress Carrie wore in Abu Dhabi.
Carrie and Samantha are my favourite characters and feel quite similar to both of them. Im very open and honest like Samantha, I tell it how it is, although not as much as a nympho like her and like Carrie, I love to write and seem to be unlucky in love. If I had her money, I too would be wearing the expensive designer labels she does.

One big thing in the movie was marriage and the rules. I myself am only 22 and not ready for marriage but I think making your own rules would deffinately work. I mean, everyone to their own right?! Why not have two days to yourself to lounge around and care about only yourself!? I think making your own rules within a marriage would probably help people. You are vowing your lives to each other and need ways to make it last forever. I am a one marriage kinda gal, well, thats how I see my future anyway and think if im going to be with this same one person in the same bed everynight for the rest of my life, there has to be rules.

Any way, i personally think they should now make Sex and The City a theatre production. Anyone agree?

Like I always say, if you have any topics you want discussing, let me know..

Lots of love..

Little Miss V..x

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Do You Chose Looks Or Personality?!

Good morning my little darlings!

So, todays morning topic is to do with relationships and love and whether you would go more for looks or personality?!
A good friend of mine was discussing this with me last night and mentioned it was something that bugged him, so here I am, making this my topic!

OK, so looks may be the first thing some people pick up on, but no matter how dazzling the display in front of you, there has to be something deeper to make a meaningful relationship.

Regardless of your appearance, in my opinion, the most attractive thing you can offer others is the ability to relax and be yourself. If you're looking for more than just a friendship then think about the kind of signals you're giving out. It's basically about communicating your interests clearly.

I mean, I myself am a BIG flirt! Whether I like you or not ill flirt with you, but, if your for me, youll know it. But how do you know if someone is for you?!

GIRLS: Well, you may meet a guy, looks wise he is not your type but if he makes you feel like the only girl on this planet, makes you feel special and like a princess and you get butterflies each time you see him or when you kiss, let me tell you, he is for you!!! If hes good looking, its always a plus!

GUYS: You may meet a girl, think she isnt what you dreamt of, not your Giselle model type or the type you see in your pornos, but this girl makes you smile. Doesn't give you stress, makes you laugh and even gets her purse out at dinner to pay, then you know shes special.

See, looks are not everything. Of course they are a plus. Trust me, if Enrique Eglasias walked my way, I wouldn't be letting him go! Thats my look type right there. But don't just go for looks. You may find the hottest guy/girl who ends up being a right doosh nugget. For girls especially, having the hot man candy on your arm brings drama, other girls staring and you getting jealous! Guys, having the hot girl on your arm, you know your friends will make stupid comments often like "I would deffinately tap that!"

So, the moral of this topic.. is be true to you.. Go for someone who makes you feel comfortable, makes you laugh and smile and makes you feel like the best person on this earth. Never settle for anything less than what you are...

Hope i have helped you my little lovely people..

Lots of Love..

Little Miss V..xx

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Look Who's Back!

Hey guys,
Well im back and im thinking better than before!
I am awfully sorry that I havent written in 5 months, clearly i am the worst blogger ever!!
Well, last time i wrote i told you all about when i was living in South Africa! I came back in Feb and since ive been back, life has been good. (obviously there have been the bad!)
My sister, Lauren has written a book about life with Arthritis, its to help other families learn to cope with issues within a family and let me tell you, its a bloody good read. If your interested go to and type in Lauren Vaknine, the book is called My Enemy My Friend. Heather Mills and Prince Charles are currently reading it too. So buy it people!

Back to me, well, there is so much from my weird and wonderful life to report but I think today im gonna talk about people in ur life that need getting out. People who are now in your past but keep popping up, need to stay in your past. Friends who should stay friends and little girls who threaten.

In your life, let me tell you, you are going to come accross a LOT of fake people. People who will like you because they are scared of you, or who will try and be your friend because you have friends.. all im saying is, be very aware of whats going around. There will be people in this world who will break you and you need to know how to stand up for yourself.
I have a group of girls im friendly with. They used to be best friends with a girl who is a nasty piece of work. Their friendship has now ended with her but her and her immature friends just love drama. So what do they do? They ATTEMPT to terrorise my friends lives. They cannot talk on a phone or face to face. Instead this girl and her friends, write all over facebook, making threats and slandering my friends names and making them look silly. In fact, all they are doing is making themselves look silly. Little girls like this to me are like wild animals which need killing for their meat and skin. Im sure i could make a lovely pair of leggings out of orange skin. I myself am very strong minded, and if somebody starts on me, I have enough courage and confidence to stand up for myself. When i said to one of these childish girls to put her threat into action, she was too scared. So its come to the point in life where silly children think they are acting big behind a computer screen but will never actually do anything to any one. So to anyone reading this, don't threaten people in general, but especially do not threaten people from a computer or mobile phone. Be big and brave and stop being childish. There are enough wars and violence in this world, we don't need immature 20 year old girls causing petty dramas! AMEN!

You should all remember that I, Little Miss V, am always there to help. If you ever have any questions you want answering or need advice or help, hit me up with a message because no matter how small or big the issue, i promise to help resolve it!

Hope you all are ready for me being back and bigger than ever.. (when i say bigger, well ive lost a stone in 3 weeks, so in size smaller woop!)

Lots of love..

Little Miss V..xx

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

One of the hard parts

For the most part, getting rid of our car has been a lot easier than I expected.  I don't miss it much at all.  There are a few hard parts.  Getting the kids to doctor's appointments can be a challenge.  And gardening tasks can be tricky without a car.  And I do a lot of gardening.

The trailer helps a lot.  The other day I was able to transport these tomato seedlings to one of my garden projects (a really fun shared backyard garden).  We started these plants under lights in our basement (a little too soon) and grew tall and leggy.  They seemed to handle the ride pretty well.  I rode carefully and none of the plants broke.  I used the cart for pepper seedlings, too.

I had to rent a zipcar pickup truck to haul salt marsh hay bales (for mulch) and also tossed my cucumber seedlings in the truck.  They did not like the pick up ride (or transplanting in general).

Gardening can require a fair amount of hauling of heavy, bulky material, and a car or minivan definitely makes it easier.  Still, we've managed pretty well even without it.  And I'm getting in great shape from riding to all the different gardens (they're pretty close to home--the farthest is about 3.2 miles round trip, but up a pretty big hill on the way there).