Wednesday, June 16, 2010

World Cup = MEN!!

Hello darlings!
How are we all today?

It is world cup time. I personally love it. A girl who likes football, come get me boys! Our England match last week was disappointing and to be honest, I still haven't seen a great match. Even Brazil didn't play so well last night.
Any way, world cup time means pubs, bar and homes are filled with people watching the matches.

It was quite funny cos I was discussing with a friend of mine where we are going to find some new guys! For me, it seems to be my past which always comes back to me. If your a guy in my past, theres a reason your in the past and not in my present or future to be. So, I want to find new men. Now, when they say "Don't look for love, love will come to you," I think, it is true but lets be honest, i've not looked in a while and its time I did.

So where better to potentially find new men but a pub!
This Friday night, England are playing again and it just so happens to be a friend of mines birthday. What are we doing for his birthday? We are going to the pub to watch football! PERFECT! Maybe I will find a nice guy? Or will I?
Can I really find a nice, decent guy whilst watching the football in a pub?!
An interesting fact I read about.. "Guys don't lose their sex drive watching one of their passions, and the decreased number of women will only attract more attention." PERFECT!! Lots of men, not enough women, I surely must make myself look really hot?!

I guess here is where the experiment starts. I will be on the look out. Friday night could be the start of a new life for me! (I am getting myself a bit too excited!)

If I don't find a guy Friday night, ill be out partying Saturday night for another friends birthday so the hunt will continue.

Ill keep you updated darlings!
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Lots of love..

Little Miss V..x