Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Do You Chose Looks Or Personality?!

Good morning my little darlings!

So, todays morning topic is to do with relationships and love and whether you would go more for looks or personality?!
A good friend of mine was discussing this with me last night and mentioned it was something that bugged him, so here I am, making this my topic!

OK, so looks may be the first thing some people pick up on, but no matter how dazzling the display in front of you, there has to be something deeper to make a meaningful relationship.

Regardless of your appearance, in my opinion, the most attractive thing you can offer others is the ability to relax and be yourself. If you're looking for more than just a friendship then think about the kind of signals you're giving out. It's basically about communicating your interests clearly.

I mean, I myself am a BIG flirt! Whether I like you or not ill flirt with you, but, if your for me, youll know it. But how do you know if someone is for you?!

GIRLS: Well, you may meet a guy, looks wise he is not your type but if he makes you feel like the only girl on this planet, makes you feel special and like a princess and you get butterflies each time you see him or when you kiss, let me tell you, he is for you!!! If hes good looking, its always a plus!

GUYS: You may meet a girl, think she isnt what you dreamt of, not your Giselle model type or the type you see in your pornos, but this girl makes you smile. Doesn't give you stress, makes you laugh and even gets her purse out at dinner to pay, then you know shes special.

See, looks are not everything. Of course they are a plus. Trust me, if Enrique Eglasias walked my way, I wouldn't be letting him go! Thats my look type right there. But don't just go for looks. You may find the hottest guy/girl who ends up being a right doosh nugget. For girls especially, having the hot man candy on your arm brings drama, other girls staring and you getting jealous! Guys, having the hot girl on your arm, you know your friends will make stupid comments often like "I would deffinately tap that!"

So, the moral of this topic.. is be true to you.. Go for someone who makes you feel comfortable, makes you laugh and smile and makes you feel like the best person on this earth. Never settle for anything less than what you are...

Hope i have helped you my little lovely people..

Lots of Love..

Little Miss V..xx