Monday, April 4, 2011

We're Not the Only Ones: T GM Quits His Car

Yesterday, the Boston Globe reported that Richard A. Davey, General Manager of the MBTA, and his wife, gave up their car for good:
Richard A. Davey has given up his car. Not just for the week, or for the month, but for good.
The MBTA general manager and his wife took the plunge into car-free living last week, donating their sole set of wheels, a sparingly driven Nissan Altima, to the Home for Little Wanderers.
 You may recall that Davey’s predecessor, Daniel A. Grabauskas, was ribbed by the Herald for commuting in a sport utility vehicle (an MBTA-owned Ford Escape hybrid) as the T was promoting a “Dump the Pump’’ campaign, because driving to and from his Ipswich home was more convenient than the 75-minute ride on the commuter rail and the Green Line...