Tuesday, March 27, 2012


The other day we were invited to a friend's house in the countryside, about 25 minutes from Vienna.  It was a beautiful area and our friends have an equally beautiful house, which they have been renovating for a number of years.  With the kitchen and baths updated, they're now working on the living room decor.  Of course, I wanted to hear all of their plans.  One thing that struck me was that she was looking to incorporate a sectional.  Most people I know have strong feelings about sectionals, one way or the other.  Personally, I like them provided they don't overwhelm the space.  They make a lot of sense for family rooms and can make a room feel super cozy and intimate.  Lets take a look at what I mean:

Source: cecyj.com via Fran on Pinterest

This first image is very, very similar to (though a bit smaller than) our friend's living room.  They have hardwood floors, exposed beams, white walls, a large window on the far wall, etc.  I think this sectional really works here.  

Source: cecyj.com via Fran on Pinterest

I like how sectionals can be used to frame the focal point in the room - in this case, the fireplace and television.

Source: decorpad.com via Fran on Pinterest

I like how the velvet fabric really ups the "cozy factor" for this sectional.

Here, the sectional helps frame the conversation area.

This Pottery Barn picture is gaining a lot of steam on pinterest.  Since I pinned it, it has been repinned 21 times.  I added it because of its neutral color.  However, the room is too beigy for my taste and in my opinion, needs more contrast.

Love love love this room!  Though I just endorsed neutrals ... don't be afraid to go for the color (especially if you have kids).  It will hide the dirt.  I love this color palette: eggplant with the burnt orange.
Source: cecyj.com via Fran on Pinterest

Check out the lucite legs on this one, a very nice custom touch.  Have you heard about Pretty Pegs?   They offer different types of legs to update your Ikea furniture.  Pretty cool.

So, what sectional camp are you in?  Did you like these examples?