Monday, February 6, 2012

Bathrooms on the brain.....

So last week while running errands, I passed by a showroom called Devon & Devon.  I have never heard of it, but was completely inspired by their window displays.  I SO wanted to go in, but I typically have either one or both kids in tow and it is really hard to convince the 4 yr. old that it is worth his time to go into a showroom! :)  Besides, it was between E's naps and I had a short window to make it home.

Of course, the minute we got home I looked them up on the web and was not disappointed with what I found.  Devon & Devon is an international company that specializes in the distribution and marketing of flooring materials, ceramic tiling, and bathroom fixtures.

While I could never afford their products, it is always great to get inspiration from the such companies that exclusively cater to designing bathrooms.

I took a browse through their catalogue and was blown away with the beauty of all their offerings.  

I could spend all day looking at pretty pictures like these!! :)  Happy Monday!