Monday, February 6, 2012

Guest Blog by FilmJuiceDating.. How to do 'it' like they do in the movies..

How to do it like they do in the movies

After admiring Little Miss V's up-front an honest blog, she kindly invited us, – a dating website for singles into film, to write a guest blog. When pondering on what to write it occurred to us that often our first experience of sex is in the movies. For example, when younger you may have been watching late night TV with your parents or alone, when the two perfectly honed and toned protagonists on screen, who minutes before were simply having a conversation, suddenly start pouting and panting, and before you know it they’ve de-robed, she’s spread eagle and his butt cheeks are most definitely clenched. Tantalised by this brief and face-reddening first encounter, no doubt every film you sneaked into your bedroom afterwards was of the X rated variety. But can sex ever be like it is in the movies? Well, yes and no. We may not all benefit from on-screen retouching (well not that kind anyway!) but at least you’ll actually be doing it and not just acting it (well maybe a little bit) and with a little effort, it’s not impossible to imitate movie-style sex. Here are our tips on how to do it like they do in the movies. WARNING: A little imagination, an adventurous spirit and a few props required.

9 ½ Weeks: Kim Basinger does a strip tease to end all strip teases

While there’s many scenes you could choose to imitate from this fornication filled movie (definitely worth watching for inspiration alone) we’ve opted for the very sultry strip tease Basinger does for Mickey Rouke, this is in the days when he didn’t look like he’d done ten rounds with Mike Tyson (and we most definitely WOULD have). Basinger uses cleverly positioned light, a billowy sheer under-slip and a telephone to tantalise Rouke before baring her nakedness on the fires escape stairs. To imitate pick an upbeat song, don a sexy secretary style skirt suit with a white under-slip and turn down the lights, with only spot lights (lamps will do) on you. Make sure your man is comfortably seated, preferably with popcorn, and move sensually, imitating secretarial duties (like bending over to pick up a pencil), then teasingly remove layer upon layer until you are in the slip only. Flaunt the fact that the lights make the slip see-through and that your nipples are most definitely showing and then run to an outside space (best do this at night) for the big reveal – he’ll be dragging you back to the bedroom in no time! See how Kim Basinger does it 91/2 Weeks here -

Mr and Mrs Smith: create so much noise the neighbours call the police

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are one of Hollywood’s hottest couples and in this movie you can see the lustful sparkle in both their eyes as they play a couple of assassins tasked with killing each other. In this scene, after chasing each other around the house assassin style, Brad finally gets a hold of Angelina – but instead of shooting her, beaten down and bloodied, he takes her madly against the door frame/ chest of draws and anything else that that makes a good arse or back rest. This one is quite easy to imitate, all you need is an empty house and a raging temperament you can channel into ferocious sex. Next time you argue with your fella turn those angry shoves and obscenities being screamed into ‘take me in the hallway right now’ while ripping his shirt off, let him push you up against the wall and make use of every single space available until you find the perfect spot on the floor. Remember to keep it playfully rough. When finished, take a breather, then do it all over again! If the door-bell rings ignore it – it’s probably the neighbours concerned over the crash and banging! See how Brad Pitt and Angelina do it here -

Dirty Dancing: Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Gray simulating sex

In this scene, which is actually deleted from the original movie, Swayze puts on some schmaltzy music in his shabby apartment and gives Jennifer Gray a dance she won’t forget in a hurry. With his top off flaunting his ripped chest and with Gray looking all petite and innocent in her cream silk underwear, Sawyze gyrates her, legs-akimbo, on his by now bulging crotch. Yes, we wouldn’t mind either! It does help that Swayze’s body is a gift from god, but even if your man’s not as gifted in the torso department it can still be sexy to do what is essentially some dry humping – with very good rhythm – before you get down to the real stuff. Start with some suitable music and gently dance together, hips swaying in tune with one another, kiss and spread your hands all over his body. Make yourself light and limber and ready to be swept up on his crotch or thigh for some serious mid air gyrating. Mix it up a bit and go for as long as you can stand it before relenting to the real thing! Enjoy!

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